If YOU feel unsure where to go with your life, if your life seems pointless and desperate, if your mental health jeopardises your family life and bliss or if it feels like your close relationships are stuck undergoing patterns of hurtful or harmful behaviours, Systemic Therapy can help.​ As a Family and Systemic Practitioner, I believe that deep in their hearts people often know what might help them and are naturally-equipped with prosperous resources. However, life challenges and impasses make it impossible for people to access these. Having this as a core belief, I help my clients to find ways to encourage that inner wisdom to emerge! That is, my aim is to help them change their life stories in such ways that they use their troubling thoughts, acute emotions and negatively intense experiences as the key to a greater self-awareness and a more meaningful life.

Almost all people in their course of life are faced with numerous difficulties. ​Particularly at times of crisis, people may find themselves feeling depressed, ​lacking motivation, direction and confidence to ​choose the right life-choices for them.