How is payment done?

Why would online therapy be your preferred support service?
And how does it work?

Have you heard of online internet therapy/counselling before? How can it become an important resource for you?

As a qualified systemic practitioner, I offer my knowledge and expertise through the internet to individuals who experience problems in relationships, parenting, work or life in general. Internet online sessions are held mainly through Skype or Face Time, which both involve a videoconference element. All Skype sessions are encrypted to ensure confidentiality. You can read more about it on Skype’s website. You can be thousands of miles apart from me and still, it will feel like we are in the same room.

​Some of my clients use online internet therapy sessions in place of and some in addition to face-to-face traditional meetings. Some others perceive this new form of therapy as less intimidating because it helps them maintain a relaxed stance and feel more in charge of the process.  Although online therapy cannot be used for diagnosis or treatment of mental illness, it can prove to be a very effective means of support, guidance and advice. As with any other form of therapy, the first meeting is what we call an initial assessment during which both you and I get to experience if the online therapy service is suitable for you and your needs. Overall, online therapy could give you the tools to deal more efficiently with emotional suffering and live a happier and calmer life!

As internet nowadays is playing an ever increasing central part in our lives and people lead busy lifestyles, online internet therapy/counselling through Skype or other videocamera formats is becoming more and more attractive and popular in the field of mental health. The online therapy aims to enable individuals who are unable to leave home for one reason or another, to access the support they need in the comfort of their homes, rather than coming to my office. 

It is strongly advised that for Online Internet Therapy/Counseling sessions, payment should be settled in advance of an online therapeutic encounter. Payments could be made through the use of PayPal or a bank transfer. If a payment is made by bank transfer, then a confirmation email is also preferable. When you are unable to keep a booked appointment please be kind to inform me at least one day before the meeting as there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.